About Us

www.ExtremeHardHats.com was born out of necessity. The need for the hard hat site was absolutely overwhelming. We found that people would rather just sit at home (or at the office - you know who you are!) and order. So, your wish is our command and www.ExtremeHardHats.com was born!

Our personal mission is to ensure that when you're working in the field, or just driving in your truck, that you have a freakin' awesome hard hat to wear. You work hard and we know this. So, we want to make sure that you look amazing while doing your job. When you look amazing while doing your job, you feel better about yourself. When you feel better about yourself, your significant other is happier. When your better half is happier - well... we all know where this is going. Extremehardhats.com is your one stop shop for happiness. Far fetched? I don't think so!

Now you can easily purchase your hardhat online and have it shipped to you. Come on, you just can NOT get any better than that.

So a little bit more in detail about who we are and what we do.

Well, you already know we create some killer hard hats. But what else about us?

First, we LOVE what we do. We love to give people some freakin' amazing looking stuff. Most things that come into the shop are plain jane or just simply ugly. When they leave the shop, they are something to be proud of! We're looking to change the way the business is run and how dippers are viewed.

We take pride in our quality of products - not just hard hats either. In everything we do in fact! We use the best materials that money can buy, so rest assured that your items aren't going to fade or turn yellow. We've improved processes, increased and improved the team in the shop, and researched what our customers need and want. And we deliver everything promised. It is absolutely fine tooth combing in the shop.


Everyone in the shop cares about how your item looks. It's a direct reflection of us, so rest assured we treat YOUR items like they are OURS.


We take our work very seriously, but having fun is a must. Positive vibes are always flowing through the shop!