How durable is the finish on these hard hats?
Very durable!  The hard hats are extremely durable and will not fade. Please review the terms and conditions prior to placing your order.

Is the pattern going to fade? Nope! You're getting a super high quality clear coat on these hard hats.  They are fade resistant and we've had reports of people wearing these hard hats for years and they still look like new! 

I called at 7:30 AM and no one answered. When is customer service open? Sorry we missed your call! But, customer service is open from 9 AM - 6 PM CST. If you call and no one answers, it's because it's full speed ahead and all hands are on deck at the shop. The phone is IMPOSSIBLE to hear, and quite frankly, you wouldn't be able to hear us either. So leave a message (short and sweet if you'd like!!) and we'll call you back as soon as soon as we can. OR - email (click the Email Us link>>>) Email Us and we'll get back to you lickity split!

How long should I wait to receive my hard hat? We are SO glad that you asked. We know that you're so excited to get your hard hat (and we're excited to get it to you), so we revamped our processes and you're going to be getting your hard hat in your hands (depending on your location) within about a week!

The hard hats go through a pretty lengthy process from prep on, and the clear coat needs at least 36 hours to cure, but once you place your order - more times than not, we're putting your hard hat into production within a DAY! We've also been stocking many of the popular patterns so that many times you're shipping out the same day or the next day. So, you can expect awesome service from us. Please note that Custom and Chrome hard hats will take a bit longer to receive.

Do you do custom designs? Can I design my entire hard hat from start to finish?!! Yes, we do custom designs. For example if you'd like your company logo on the front of the hard hat, you just send us the original Hi-Resolution file with the logo (must be high resolution - no .jpg files please. They are too compressed) we can put your logo on it. But, unfortunately the process does not allow for you to design your entire design. We will add airbrushing custom services in the future, but not right now.

I REALLY want a certain sports team, but you don't have it. :( Call us!

Ok. My item was returned to you. Now what? Bummer! We will definitely ship the item back to you. But, if it was your mistake on the address to be shipped to, we have to charge you shipped to be reshipped to you at the correct address. If it was our mistake (sometimes it happens... crazy, we know!), we will ship for free. Fair is fair!

I may be going crazy, but I was looking at a hard hat recently and now it's gone!! What happened? Well, here's the skinny on that. Sometimes we discontinue patterns! Not to irritate you or anything, but to ensure that we have a nice diverse offering that is fresh and new. Sometimes we discontinue patterns that may not be the most popular to make room for new patterns - for every one we discontinue, there will be more popping up to take its place. So, if you love a pattern - you better grab it! It may disappear into the hard hat Dead Zone!

Do you accept American Express Online?  At this time we are not able to accept American Express online. One of these days, however, this dream will be a reality!

Do you have a wholesale program? Of course!  Please give us a call at 318.746.1564 and we'll set you up in the system. So incredibly easy.

How many hard hats constitute a wholesale order? Minimum amount to order for wholesale pricing is 11 hard hats.

What are the tiers of pricing for wholesale orders?  Easy!  See below:

    •     11 - 24  = 9.1% discount
    •     25 - 34  = 15% discount
    •     35 - 50 = 21% discount
      •     50+ = 29% discount
      All discounts are taken off of the retail price listed on the site. 

    Note that Extremehardhats.com is not held liable for any injury resulting from use of this item should it occur. These items are modified from their original state from the manufacturer and should be noted as such.