Overall Rating: 86.67%
Average Rating: 8.67/10
Well worth the anticipation. Just like they said E-mail came when they shipped it and it arrived on the scheduled date. now I want to wear my hard hat. Thanks everyone GREAT JOB !!!!
Joe Choss
Sorry to be the one to have to write a negative review. I received winter camo hat that has PINK on the inside of it.I called to correct the problem and at the time there were no issues on replacing the hardhat.Dinnetta was on it, she was sending me a shipping lable so I could send the deffective hardhat back.Well after phone calls and e-mails it has been almost 2 months and nothing has been done to correct the problem.I paid top dollar for a quality product and was EXTREMELY let down.
Kevin G
This companies customer service is amazing!! Dinnetta is an awesome person. She's worked with me to complete my order till the end. I wasn't able to pick them up from the post office, they were returned. Dinnetta saw them up front and emailed me immediately about the issue. Corrected the address and had them shipped. Thank you so much extremehardhats.com
Buck Appleton, Byrd oilfield services
I love my Ded Hedz pink hardhat! I work in the oilfields on pipeline... can't tell you how many compliments I got! :)
My only issue was that I really wanted the neon, hot pink. In the photos, it looks hot pink, but upon receipt, the actual colour is a light, baby-coloured pink. I wear it anyways, (Love my skulls!! :)) but any suggestions on what design would give me the neon pink colour?
An absolute wonderful company to work with! I would recommend the Muddy Girl hard hat for any female who likes camo, purple, black, and pink. The hats come super shiny and ready for action! Not only are women complimenting the hat but the men even love it! It's hard to find an eye catching hat in the bakken. Thanks again!
Shana Volk, McJunkin Redman Corporation

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