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I work in the Oil & Gas industry outside sales in Oklahoma & I'm a woman so I wanted to have a hardhat that was more me not just plain white,and that others would remember me by, so I started searching the internet and found your Wonderful site! I ordered me the Pink Vista & my husband the Reaper Buck and we both have people wanting our hats!!! I even have guys who said they'd wear my pink one! Dinnetta was awesome to work with. I'm sending you a few more customers. I pray your business thrives, it's a great idea.! God Bless the Small Business Owners.
Jaymie Culver-
Jaymie Culver
Thank you Extreme Hardhats!!! I searched all over the internet for a camo hardhat and was so excited to find exactly what I was looking for on your website. The hardhard is awesome, superior quality, and my boyfriend loves it! Your sales staff was so helpful with the ordering process and with helping me choose the right camo pattern. I can't say enough about how happy I am with this purchase.
JoAnn from Edison
Good for you. Your hats are beautiful. I think it's a good idea. I just bought 6 hats back in Oct. Now I need to use them a little bit more. LOL LOL LOL I wish you well on your new endeavor.
Awsome looking hard hat !!!
It jumps out at you and at first glance looks like it is made of glass.
I recommend this to all my construction buddies, Customer support is great and they don't leave you wondering.
Gary Klocke, CMR Construction

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